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Dual Enrollment

Florida Statutes provide several articulated acceleration mechanisms including early admissions, advanced placement, credit by examination, International Baccalaureate, and other postsecondary early entrance opportunities. One additional mechanism authorized in Florida Statutes is dual enrollment which allows secondary students to enroll in postsecondary instruction which results in both postsecondary and secondary credit.

The Division of Career and Adult Education tracks, particularly, career dual enrollment which is defined as a curricular option for secondary students to pursue in order to earn industry certifications adopted pursuant to s. 1008.44, which count as credits toward the high school diploma. Career dual enrollment is available for secondary students seeking a degree and industry certification through a career education program or course.

Dual Enrollment Reports

The Dual Enrollment Report provides a detailed overview of career dual enrollment programs available in Florida, with a focus on district career centers and charter technical career centers. The report defines career dual enrollment and provides valuable data on program availability, participation, and outcomes, including industry certifications earned by students in the state. This report is in the revision process. Newer reports will be published soon.

Dual Enrollment Reporting Guidance