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Volunteer & Community Involvement

School districts regularly seek volunteers, mentors, and community partners to enhance classroom experiences, assist with school-related activities, and support student learning. Please contact your school district coordinator to learn about volunteer, mentoring and community involvement opportunities in your area.

Florida School Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is Florida School Volunteer Appreciation Month. We are grateful to our volunteers who have shown outstanding dedication and commitment to quality education in Florida. When schools and volunteers work together to support learning, everyone benefits.

To highlight Florida's school volunteers, districts and schools are encouraged to share volunteer recognition activities at @EducationFL and tag #FLSchoolsVolunteer.

Recognition Programs

The following annual awards highlight outstanding volunteer practices and showcase exemplary family and community involvement programs in Florida schools.

Golden and Silver School Awards

The Golden and Silver School Awards recognize both public elementary and secondary schools with exemplary volunteer programs. Please visit for more information.

Outstanding School Volunteer Awards

The Outstanding School Volunteer Awards recognize Florida school volunteers for demonstrating outstanding dedication and commitment to student success. Please visit: for more information.

Family & Community Involvement Award

The Family & Community Involvement Award is presented to school programs that successfully engage families, communities, and business partners in meaningful school-based activities. Please visit for more information.

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