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Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts

Please copy on emails to specific staff to ensure a timely response.

Phone: 850-245-0475
Fax: 850-245-0953


Victoria Gaitanis
Bureau Chief

Instructional Support Services (ISS)


Christina Whitfield
Educational Program Director: Instructional Support

Katherine Milazzo
Educational Program Director: Data & Communications

Jennifer Barnhill
State Lead: Emotional Behavioral Disabilities

Wendy Metty
State Lead: Transition (Graduation, Drop Out, T16 Compliance)

Mary Walsh
State Lead: Speech/Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Orthopedic Impairments, Physical Therapy

LeNita Winkler
State Lead: Pre-Kindergarten Students with Disabilities

Patricia Bodiford
State Lead: Intellectual Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury

Terry Hoffman
State Lead: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kindrea Hill
State Lead: Parent Engagement and Support Services for Students with Disabilities, Transition (Employment, CTE)

Student Support Services Bridge Unit


Tonya Milton
Lead Policy Analyst

Jesus Aviles
State Lead: School Psychology, Child Find, Evaluation

Thomas Garrett
Lead Analyst Portal to Exceptional Education Resources (PEER)

Jan Oberschlake
PEER System Analyst

Dispute Resolution and Monitoring (DRM)


Jessica Brattain
Senior Director/Section Administrator

Jacqueline Roumou
Program Director (Unit 2) , Lead for State Facilitated IEPs (SFIEP) & Mediation

Joy Dunlavy
Compliance Specialist/Investigator, SFIEP Liaison

Patricia Gaddis
Compliance Specialist/Investigator

Michael Newsome
Compliance Specialist/Investigator, Due Process Liaison

Sarah Maxwell
Compliance Specialist/Investigator

Erin Leathers
Compliance Specialist/Investigator

Brian Merck
Compliance Specialist/Investigator, Due Process Liaison

Bryce Milton
Compliance Specialist/Investigator, Mediation Liaison

Tiliany Parra Fontalvo
Compliance Specialist/Investigator,  Mediation Liaison

Margaret Reilly
Publications Specialist, Lead Editor

Program Accountability, Assessment & Data Systems (PAADS)

Janae Duclos-Francois
Fiscal Program Director

Chelsea Strickland
Data and Monitoring Director

Steve Barnes
Data Program Specialist

Kaitlyn Bishop
Fiscal Program Specialist

Cyrilla Hackley
Entitlement Grants Fiscal Specialist

Jennifer Canfield
Discretionary Grants Fiscal Specialist

Kelbe Harrell
State Monitoring Specialist

Support Staff


Lakeevia Thomas
Administrative Assistant

Sandreka Miller
ISS Administrative Specialist

Kimberly Williams
PAADS Unit 1 Administrative Specialist

Deliris Caceres
PAADS Unit 2 Administrative Specialist

Keilani Melendez
DRM Unit 2 Administrative Specialist

Constance Ostrus
DRM Unit 1 Administrative Specialist