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Florida School Finance Officer Training (Updated March 15, 2017)

Introduction and Access

This training protocol includes:

  • Online training modules;
  • Face-to-face in-service training; and
  • Professional mentoring.

If you have trouble accessing the files below, please contact the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Finance and Operations at 850-245-0406.

School Finance Officer Training Modules Menu

  1. Introduction (WMV, 10MB)
  2. State Budgeting (WMV, 86MB)
  3. District Budgeting (WMV, 128MB)
  4. Florida Education Finance Program (WMV, 273MB)
  5. Full-Time Equivalent (WMV, 100MB)
  6. Workforce (WMV, 169MB)
  7. Truth In Millage (TRIM)
    • By clicking on the web address referenced, the user will access the Florida Department of Revenue’s web-based training for complying with the requirements in law for the annual process for levying property taxes for school purposes.
  8. School Choice (WMV, 180MB)
  9. Collective Bargaining (WMV, 153MB)
  10. Financial Reporting and Accountability (WMV, 180MB)