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2013-2014 Staff Demographic Information

  1. Submit this record during reporting periods 2 and 3 for all staff employed either on a full or part time basis during the payroll period that includes the FEFP survey week for reporting students. Contracted employees should be reported as well although they are not part of a district's payroll system.

    For purposes of clarifying “staff employed” in the statement above, "employed" means those scheduled to be paid during the payroll period that includes the FEFP survey week for reporting students. This would exclude any staff member that is active on the payroll system but not actively working and receiving a payroll check during the FEFP survey week.

    Submit this record during reporting period 5 for any staff member employed or contracted at any time during the fiscal year being reported and for any staff member who received benefits anytime during the fiscal year.

    In Survey Period 8, report this format for all instructional staff members for use in the Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network (PMRN). Required fields to be reported are: District Number; Social Security Number; Survey Period Code; Fiscal Year; School Number, Primary Home; Employee Name, Legal and Exempt from Public Records Law, Employee. Data may be sent for other fields, but the data is not needed and default values will be loaded to the data base for the non-required elements. Data for the Staff Number Identifier, Local data element will be used if reported.

  2. SCHOOL NUMBER, PRIMARY/HOME: For staff members who operate out of the county office, the school number to be used in this field is 9001. Staff members assigned to schools must be reported at that school using the official state school number for that school. Itinerant staff should be reported either at the school that is considered their home location or at the district office.

  3. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: The social security number must be reported for all staff members employed. Districts must be certain to report the correct social security number for the staff member being reported. The number should be left-justified with a trailing blank. (For contracted or charter school staff for whom the school district does not have a Social Security Number, the district must assign a Staff Number Identifier. See Social Security Number data element.)

  4. FLORIDA EDUCATORS CERTIFICATE NUMBER: The certificate number must be reported for all certificate personnel within the district. In addition to all instructional personnel, those administrative personnel who possess certificates should have their numbers reported. Do not report district assigned certificate numbers for on-call substitute teachers, non-degreed career and technical education or non-degreed adult employees.

  5. SEPARATION DATE/REASON: Report these elements in reporting period 5 only. These elements apply only to employees who have separated from employment with the district entirely. If an employee who held more than one job with the district separates from one but not all jobs, that employee should not be reported as separated from the school system. Report Separation Date and Separation Reason for all employees who separated from district employment during the Fiscal Year being reported. Report Separation Date for any employee who has received benefits but was not employed during the Fiscal Year being reported. Do not report separation data on Substitutes unless they are regular full-time employees.

  6. JOB CODE, PRIMARY: Submit this element in reporting periods 2, 3, and 5. In Survey 5, report the primary job code for the job the employee held during the regular school year. See Appendix E, (JOB CODE ASSIGNMENTS), in the DOE Information Data Base Requirements: Volume II - Automated Staff Information System for Job Codes.

  7. DAYS PRESENT AND DAYS ABSENT: Report the elements, Days Present; Days Absent, Personal Leave; Days Absent, Sick Leave; Days Absent, Temporary Duty Elsewhere; Days Absent, Other in Survey 5.

  8. READING ENDORSEMENT COMPETENCIES: All teachers who are providing reading intervention through a reading course must have or be working towards reading endorsement or certification. Teachers who provide reading intervention through a content area course must have completed Content Area Reading Professional Development (CAR-PD) or Next Generation Content Area Reading Professional Development (NGCAR-PD); however, they may provide intervention in their classes during the practicum for CAR-PD or provide intervention in their classes while in process of completing NGCAR-PD at district discretion. Progress towards endorsement/certification for Reading Coaches and others pursuing these credentials can be reported here.

  9. ERROR CODES: This field is used by the Department to report to districts the specific errors found in the record during the state edit process.  This field should contain filler (spaces, blanks) when the record is transmitted to the Department.

  10. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are item numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. If a key field needs to be changed, the record must be deleted and re-submitted as an add.

    ' * ' indicates key fields.

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    Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
    1 1-2 2 N/R District Number *
    2 3-12 10 A/N/L Social Security Number *
    3 13-13 1 N Survey Period Code *
    4 14-17 4 N Fiscal Year *
    5 18-21 4 N/R School Number, Primary/Home
    6 22-31 10 N/R Florida Educators Certificate Number
    7 32-73 42 A/N/L Employee Name, Legal
    8 74-74 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 1
    9 75-75 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 2
    10 76-76 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 3
    11 77-77 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 4
    12 78-78 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 5
    13 79-79 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 6
    14 80-80 1 A Gender
    15 81-81 1 A Filler
    16 82-84 3 N Days Present
    17 85-87 3 N Days Absent, Personal Leave
    18 88-90 3 N Days Absent, Sick Leave
    19 91-93 3 N Days Absent, Temporary Duty Elsewhere
    20 94-96 3 N Days Absent, Other
    21 97-97 1 A Ethnicity
    22 98-98 1 A Race: American Indian or Alaska Native
    23 99-99 1 A Race: Asian
    24 100-100 1 A Race: Black or African American
    25 101-101 1 A Race: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
    26 102-102 1 A Race: White
    27 103-105 3 A/N Filler
    28 106-106 1 A Separation Reason
    29 107-111 5 N Job Code, Primary
    30 112-112 1 A Transaction Code
    31 113-114 2 A Employee Type
    32 115-122 8 N Birth Date
    33 123-123 1 A Degree/Credential Earned
    34 124-131 8 N Employment Date, Current Position
    35 132-139 8 N Employment Date, Continuous Employment
    36 140-147 8 N Employment Date, Original Position
    37 148-155 8 N Separation Date
    38 156-156 1 A Exempt from Public Records Law, Employee
    39 157-157 1 A Highly Qualified Paraprofessional
    40 158-158 1 A School Principal Certification Program
    41 159-159 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 1 (Adopted 2011)
    42 160-160 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 2 (Adopted 2011)
    43 161-161 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 3 (Adopted 2011)
    44 162-162 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 4 (Adopted 2011)
    45 163-163 1 A Reading Endorsement, Competency 5 (Adopted 2011)
    46 164-164 1 A Mentor/Supervising Educator
    47 165-165 1 A Personnel Evaluation
    48 166-167 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Instructional Leadership Component
    49 168-169 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Instructional Practice Component
    50 170-171 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Professional and Job Responsibilities Component
    51 172-173 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Student Learning Growth Component
    52 174-174 1 A Personnel Evaluation, Measures of Student Learning Growth
    53 175-208 34 A/N Filler
    54 209-222 14 A/N Florida Education Identifier
    55 223-232 10 A/N/L Staff Number Identifier, Local
    56 233-240 8 A/N Filler/Error Codes

    Last Updated: 1/2/2014