Step 3: Employment In A Florida Elementary Or Secondary School

Traditional Public Schools

Florida has 67 public school districts (each county is a school district) and several developmental research schools and state-supported schools which operate as independent school districts. Each school district is responsible for employing teachers from among those eligible for certification.

For a one-stop internet portal to instructional employment in a Florida public school district, you may visit This unique web site provides a convenient forum whereby teachers seeking employment opportunities in Florida may post their resumes online and review job announcements submitted by school district personnel and principals. The following sites will assist you in contacting school districts directly.

Charter Public Schools

Charter schools in Florida are public schools and are sponsored by the school district in which they reside. Each charter school employs its own teachers and administrators, but the school district's personnel staff provide all certification assistance for charter school instructional employees. If you are employed by a charter school, you will also work with the local school district for fingerprinting and other educator certification procedures.

Non-public Schools

Florida has a number of nonpublic schools, which serve many of Florida's students both independently and through various affiliations and associations.

To be issued a Florida Temporary Certificate, an individual must be employed either in a public school or a nonpublic school that has a state-approved program for demonstration of professional education competence (a requirement for issuance of a Florida Professional Certificate). Several of the Florida nonpublic school associations have state-approved programs which are implemented in each of their member schools.

Florida Virtual Schools

The Florida Virtual Schools are statewide, internet-based, public schools offering a rigorous curriculum online.

Individuals Not Seeking Florida Employment

The Florida Temporary Certificate is not issued until the individual is employed in a Florida school. Please refer to the above sections for information on employment in Florida’s traditional public schools, charter public schools, non-public schools, and Florida Virtual Schools.

The individual who is a citizen of the United States and holds a Statement of Status of Eligibility verifying eligibility for a Florida Professional Certificate is issued the certificate after his/her fingerprints have been cleared. Proceed to Step 4 (Submitting Fingerprints for Certification) and review the section entitled "Individuals Not Seeking Florida Employment".

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