Step 2: The Official Statement Of Status Of Eligibility

What is an Official Statement?

When you send a complete application package to our Bureau requesting a Florida certificate, your complete package is evaluated to determine your eligibility for a Florida certificate. The result of that determination is mailed to you as an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility.

The Official Statement is valid for three years and has two functions:

  • to officially state whether or not "you are eligible" for a Temporary Certificate or a Professional Certificate in the subject area you requested, and
  • to provide you with a customized list of the requirements you must complete to be issued full state certification in Florida.

If Your Official Statement Shows that "You Are Eligible" for a Certificate

  1. Your Florida Temporary Certificate is issued when:
    • your Official Statement states that "you are eligible" for at least a Temporary Certificate, and
    • you are employed as a teacher and your fingerprints are processed before your Official Statement expires.
  2. When your certificate is issued, the list of requirements on your Official Statement must be completed before the expiration date of your Temporary Certificate.
  3. If your Official Statement expires before you are employed in a Florida school, you may re-apply for a new Official Statement. You will be then evaluated for eligibility based upon the certification laws and rules in effect at the time your next application is received.

Steps to Take If You Are "Not Eligible" for a Certificate

  1. You must qualify for at least a Temporary Certificate to be employed as a teacher. If your Official Statement indicates that you are "not eligible" for a Florida certificate, it will provide you with options for completing requirements for certification.
  2. When you have completed the requirements listed on your Official Statement for the Temporary Certificate, send official documentation to the Bureau of Educator Certification. Then, your application package will be scheduled for a re-evaluation, and you will receive a "revised" Official Statement indicating that "you are eligible" for a Florida certificate.
  3. Once you receive your Official Statement indicating you are eligible for a Temporary Certificate, you may then seek employment in a Florida elementary or secondary school.

You may review the options available for qualifying for a Temporary Certificate in the section titled "Meeting Specialization Requirements."

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