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The mission of the Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support is to provide quality services and resources in collaboration with our partners in education.

Our vision is that student success is our standard!

Important News

Rule 6A-1.094124, F.A.C., Required Instruction Reporting, was approved by the State Board of Education on September 20, 2019. This new rule requires an annual report to the department each July 1 from school districts that describes how they have implemented the components of section 1003.42(2), Florida Statutes. A crosswalk document (Word) has been developed that lists each component of required instruction in section 1003.42(2), Florida Statutes, and what standards, courses, statewide assessments and instructional materials are associated with it. It is our hope that this document will assist you in completing the required report, a template for which is still under development.

The Florida Department of Education is conducting a public review of the current state-approved civics education course instructional materials and the Civics End-of-Course Assessment Test Item Specifications. Public input is encouraged through the online EdCredible® platform accessible at

The Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support in the Florida Department of Education is again promoting Course Description Awareness starting on October 1st, 2019. This event is devoted to spreading awareness and celebrating the content of Florida’s K-12 courses.  Course descriptions provide information on the standards to be taught in each Florida course. Please visit the Course Description Awareness page for more information.

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CPALMS is the State of Florida’s official source for standards. All standards for every subject area and grade level can be found here.

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Course Descriptions

Course descriptions provide all of the standards to be taught in the specific course.

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Florida Students is a collection of resources including tutorials created by Florida teachers and other resources located from all over the web to support student learning.

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CPALMS Resources

CPALMS is an online toolbox of information, vetted resources and interactive tools that helps educators effectively implement teaching standards.

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