Staff Contacts

Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support 850-245-0423

Name Title Phone
Dr. Steven Neely Bureau Chief 850-245-7830
Vacant Administrative Assistant 850-245-5129

Instructional Support 850-245-0423

Name Title Phone
Katrina Figgett Director 850-245-0758
Carol Bailey Library Media Specialist 850-245-5094
Patricia Ceci Educational Program Project Manager 850-245-0903
April Drennan Educational Technologist 850-245-5153
Donna Crawley Systems Integration Technologist 850-245-9773
Ritu Badaya Instructional Materials Specialist 850-245-9931
Genevieve English-Charles Instructional Materials Specialist 850-245-0315
Petricia Sailor Contracts/Grants Specialist 850-245-9322
Lakeesha Parker Government Operations Consultant 850-245-0887
Shanise McCray OPS Clerk 850-245-0810

Healthy Schools 850-245-0480

Name Title Phone
Penny Taylor Director 850-245-9522
Nichole Wilder Assistant Director/Physical Education Coordinator 850-245-0813
Michelle Gaines Health Education Coordinator 850-245-0978
Ksena Zipperer HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Coordinator 850-245-9952

Standards 850-245-0423

Name Title Phone
Ann Whitney Director 850-245-9965
John LeTellier Fine Arts Content Specialist 850-245-0762
Julia Somers-Arthur Writing Specialist 850-245-0766
Carol Bailey Gifted Education Program Specialist 850-245-5094
Ashley Palelis Social Studies Content Specialist 850-245-9323

Mathematics, Science, and STEM Programs

Name Title Phone
Dr. Jonathan Keener Director, STEM Programs 850-245-0808
Heidi Brennan K-5 Mathematics and Science Education Program Specialist 850-245-7805
Vacant Mathematics Education Program Specialist