Reports Coordinator Resources

Reports Coordinator Resources

In order for a college to have full access to all of the tools and resources provided by CCTCMIS, the college must officially name a Reports Coordinator and report this information to CCTCMIS. To designate a new Reports Coordinator, the college President should send an email to the CCTCMIS Bureau Chief naming the new reports coordinator.

The following resources are provided for reference by reports coordinators, and college administrators.

Chart of Reports

The Chart of Reports provides valuable guidance on the state and federal reporting cycle to assist in institutional data reporting planning.

Reporting Year 2020-21 Chart of Reports (Excel)  Updated 10/5/2020

Database Submission Calendars

Comparative Frequency Report Overview

Comparative Frequency Report Overview (PDF)

Reports Coordinator Training

Reports Coordinator training is an annual meeting for both new and veteran Reports Coordinators. During the two day meeting, CCTCMIS, representatives from the Division of Florida Colleges, the Division of Career and Adult Education, and the bureau of PreK-20 Education Reporting and Accessibility provide valuable information on relevant data reporting topics, such as Reports Coordinator responsibilities, the college reporting databases, data submission procedures, online systems, and federal accountability, including IPEDS, NRS, and WIOA reporting.


The Management Information Systems Advisory Taskforce (MISATFOR) meeting gathers twice a year with representatives from Florida’s 28 colleges, as well as representatives from the Division of Accountability, Research and Measurement, the Division of Florida Colleges, the Division of Career and Adult Education, and CCTCMIS.


Below are the names and contact information for our team members, along with major assignments. The preference is for a first communication to be done by email, as this best documents the subject area and need. We may follow up with a phone call, as this may speed up the process to a resolution.


Kimberly Pippin
Bureau Chief

Linda Wheatcraft-Smith
Personnel & APR Database; Excess Hours; Anticipated Degree Graduates

Murray Cooper
Facility & Integrated Database

Katie Mueller
Student Database

Victoria Garcia
Admissions Database

The following spreadsheet is the college directory of staff by subject area grouping. This information is maintained by each Reports Coordinator and will be certified once a year by the Reports Coordinator.

Instructions for updating the College Directory:

  1. Download the College Directory spreadsheet from the CCTCMIS website.
  2. Filter the spreadsheet by your college’s name or number.
  3. Make the appropriate updates to the spreadsheet.

a. When adding duty assignments, only use the following values:

  • President
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Executive Assistant to the President
  • Reports Coordinator

b. If an individual has multiple duty assignments, there must be a separate, complete spreadsheet row for each duty assignment.

4. Compose an email summarizing your changes and attach the updated spreadsheet or a screen shot of the worksheet. Your spreadsheet should only contain your college’s directory information.

5. Send the email to

College Directory (updated (02/22/2021) (Excel)