Education Information & Accountability Services

Todd Clark, Bureau Chief
544 Turlington Building
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

The Bureau of Education Information and Accountability Services (EIAS) serves to improve education by increasing the quality of decisions through the use of data. Bureau functions and services include assisting school districts in the reporting of accurate information, providing information to customers in order to meet their needs, fulfilling DOE Information Database requirements, and reviewing and developing data collection procedures.

Education Information Services Staff Directory

Employee Name Title E-mail Address Telephone Numbers
Office Contact Information (850) 245-0400
Sonja Bridges Program Specialist (850) 245-9078
Kenneth Dukes Program Specialist (850) 245-9917
Linda Fleming Program Specialist (850) 245-9919
Rhonda Forbes Program Specialist (850) 245-9920
Kendra Jahnke Data Base Consultant (850) 245-9912
Tsung-Yuan Lin Program Specialist (850) 245-9074
Renee Prasek Program Specialist (850) 245-0664
Arlene Roberts Office Manager (850) 245-9072
Teresa Sancho Senior Program Director (850) 245-9075
Katherine Smith Program Specialist (850) 245-9054