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2012-2013 Staff Fiscal Year Salaries

  1. There should be one record submitted for each staff member receiving salary payments or with whom the district contracted during the fiscal year being reported. For staff filling more than one job code position during the Fiscal Year, submit one record for each job. Submit this format in reporting period 5 only.

  2. SCHOOL NUMBER, PRIMARY/HOME: For staff members who operate out of the county office, the school number to be used in this field is 9001. Staff members assigned to schools must be reported at that school using the official state school number for that school. Itinerant staff should be reported either at the school that is considered their home location or at the district office.

  3. JOB CODE: Submit one record for each job code the employee received salary for during the fiscal year being reported. See Appendix E, (JOB CODE ASSIGNMENTS), in the DOE Information Data Base Requirements: Volume II - Automated Staff Information System for acceptable codes.

  4. FISCAL YEAR SALARY: All salaries paid to the staff member for the job being reported.

  5. JOB CODE FUND SOURCE: A code to identify up, to three fund sources (and corresponding percentages) from which the employee's salary is paid.

  6. SALARY SUPPLEMENT TYPE/VALUE: A code to identify up to eleven annual salary supplement types (and corresponding monetary values) paid for extra services. The Salary Supplement Type earned by the employee is to be entered in positions 1, 9, 17, etc., followed by the corresponding Salary Supplement Value in the next seven positions. The default code for Salary Supplement Type/Value is zero.

  7. ERROR CODES: This field is used by the Department to report to districts the specific errors found in the record during the state edit process. This field should contain filler (spaces, blanks) when the record is transmitted to the Department.

  8. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are Item Numbers 1-4, 6. If any key field needs to be changed, the record must be deleted and re-submitted as an add.

    ' * ' indicates key fields.

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    Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
    1 1-2 2 N/R District Number *
    2 3-12 10 A/N/L Social Security Number *
    3 13-13 1 N Survey Period Code *
    4 14-17 4 N Fiscal Year *
    5 18-21 4 N/R School Number, Primary/Home
    6 22-26 5 N Job Code *
    7 27-35 9 N/R Fiscal Year Salary
    8 36-47 12 A/N/R Job Code Fund Source
    9 48-135 88 A/N/R Salary Supplement Type/Value
    10 136-136 1 A Transaction Code
    11 137-137 1 A Employment Status Code
    12 138-147 10 A/N Filler
    13 148-151 4 A/N/R Migrant Summer
    14 152-155 4 A/N/R Migrant Regular School Year
    15 156-159 4 A/N/R Title I School-Wide
    16 160-163 4 A/N/R Title I Targeted Assistance
    17 164-164 1 A Personnel Evaluation
    18 165-166 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Instructional Leadership Component
    19 167-168 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Instructional Practice Component
    20 169-169 1 A Personnel Evaluation, Measures of Student Learning Growth
    21 170-171 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Professional and Job Responsibilities Component
    22 172-173 2 N Personnel Evaluation, Student Learning Growth Component
    23 174-222 49 A/N Filler
    24 223-232 10 A/N/L Staff Number Identifier, Local
    25 233-240 8 A/N Filler/Error Codes

    Last Updated: 7/1/2012