Scoring Information

Maximum Percentages Table

The number of questions, or correct answers, needed to pass a multiple-choice (MC) test may slightly vary from one form of the test to another. For this reason, the Florida Department of Education (DOE) can only provide general guidelines about how many questions must be answered correctly in order to pass each test. The FTCE/FELE Maximum Percentages Needed to Achieve a Minimum Passing Score Table shows the maximum percentage of questions that must be answered correctly in order to pass any of the MC tests/subtests and the passing score information for all performance tests/subtests that are currently being administered. This table is updated regularly as changes may occur due to new test forms.

Official Score Reports

Official score reports will be provided on the score report dates; see the schedule on the FTCE/FELE contractor website. The "Understanding Your Scores" page on the contractor website provides additional information about what is provided on your score report.

If you do not receive your score report, or the score report you receive contains incomplete or erroneous information, contact FTCE/FELE Customer Service at 866-613-3281 within 60 calendar days after the dates listed in "Test Dates." A replacement or a new, corrected score report will be sent to you at no charge. If you fail to notify FTCE/FELE Customer Service within the 60-day period, you will be required to pay $10 for a new score report.

A copy of your score report will be sent directly to the school district, college, or university you indicated if you designated a recipient during registration.

Your passing scores will be submitted electronically to the Bureau of Educator Certification automatically; however, for any tests taken before July 1, 2002, you will need to provide an official score report to the Bureau if you have not already provided one.

Duplicate Score Reports

You may obtain duplicate score reports as follows:
  • Use the duplicate score report request form available to download as a PDF document on the FTCE/FELE contractor website by navigating to "PDFs and Forms." Fill it out and send it with the correct payment to the address indicated on the form.

Enclose a personal check, money order, or cashier's check for $10.00 made payable to Evaluation Systems. Be sure your current address and telephone number appear on the check or money order.

The duplicate report will be either posted to your account at or sent as a hardcopy via U.S. mail. You will receive your duplicate score report in approximately 2 weeks.

If you do not receive your duplicate score report or if the report is incomplete or contains an error, report this promptly to FTCE/FELE Customer Service (866-613-3281). A complete and correct score report will be made available as soon as possible.

If you notify Customer Service of an error more than 60 calendar days after the duplicate score report is made available or if the error on the report is due to incorrect information you provided, you may be required to pay another $10 for each corrected score report.

Score Verification Sessions

If you receive a non-passing score within 10 scale score points of the passing scale score of 200, you may request an appointment for a score verification session. Score verification sessions allow examinees the opportunity to review items answered incorrectly and to submit scoring challenges. Sessions are held at selected computer-based testing centers, and appointments are available on weekdays and on Saturdays. These sessions are not intended as study sessions for future tests; they are for the purpose of allowing examinees to confirm correct scoring of their exams.

During the score verification session, you will have an opportunity to challenge test items that you believe have a scoring error. All challenges will be reviewed by the Department, and a response is provided by the Department within 30 days. (Due to weekends and holidays, factor an additional 7 days for your response to arrive). If you do not agree with the Department’s response, you have the opportunity to request an administrative hearing in accordance with the provisions of Section 120.57, Florida Statutes.

Requesting a session. Registration for a score verification session can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the score verification session webpage.

Payment. There is a nonrefundable $75 charge to attend a score verification session. Payment must be made at the time of registration using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or a debit or check card that carries the VISA or MasterCard logo and can be used without the entry of a personal identification number (PIN).

FTCE/FELE Questions?

To register or to obtain specific information, visit or call FTCE/FELE Customer Service toll-free at 866-613-3281 8 a.m.–6 p.m., Mon.– Fri., excluding holidays. (The Automated Information System is available by phone 24 hours daily.)