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About Us

Through Florida’s Race to the Top award by the U.S Department of Education, a goal was established to equip every district in the state with a local instructional improvement system (LIIS) that meets stakeholder needs for access to and use of data to inform instruction in the classroom, operations at the school and district, and research by June 2014. A team of over 50 education stakeholders from around the state with professional expertise in multiple subject areas and roles within the classroom, district, and at the consortia worked with the Department and legislative staff to define what a LIIS is in Florida and establish the minimum standards for the system. The minimum standards for a LIIS were published on January 31, 2011.

Local Instructional Improvement System Minimum Standards

The following artifacts were produced during the process to define and establish a LIIS in Florida:

  • History of the Standards Setting Process (PDF, 421KB) – An explanation of the process followed to establish the minimum standards and the education stakeholder team members that participated.
  • LIIS Summary (PDF, 663KB) – A brief summary of the components of a LIIS and the minimum standards.
  • LIIS Minimum Standards (Excel, 172KB) – An Excel version of the LIIS minimum standards.

Local Instructional Improvement System Survey and the Statewide Aggregate Reports

Districts are required to submit a narrative report and participate in a technology survey regarding the implementation and usage of their LIIS on an annual basis. The 2013 LIIS Survey was published on Aug 15th, 2013. Data from all 67 school districts and 6 special lab schools was collected between Aug 15th and Oct 15th of 2013. The survey is now closed.

Three surveys were conducted - September of 2011, September of 2012 and September of 2013.

The statewide aggregate reports for the three years that the data was collected can be accessed below:

Local Systems Exchange

The Local Systems Exchange (LSE) is a new professional networking site for Districts, Charter Schools, and Consortia to collaborate about meeting the minimum standards for a LIIS. District, Charter School, and Consortia technical and administrative leaders statewide can use the LSE to learn from one another and gain a better understanding of specific standards, discuss procurement approaches, share documents, and much more.

A new Education 360 video featuring Marion County Public Schools Superintendent Jim Yancey, and the Florida Department of Education's Teacher Liaison, Kelly Seay, discusses the Race to the Top Local Systems Implementation Committee and how their work shaped the LIIS Minimum Standards and created the LSE.

If you already have an account on the LSE, click here: Local Systems Exchange.


Districts are encouraged to submit their questions or concerns about the minimum standards, the LIIS Report and Survey, or the LSE to: .