Reporting Category Results

The content of the statewide, standardized assessments are organized by reporting category. Reporting categories represent groups of similar skills, or standards, that are assessed within each grade and subject. Reporting category performance is conveyed by displaying the points earned and the points possible for each category. For FSA ELA only (Grades 4–10 and Retake), the number of points earned in each Writing domain are also reported.

Note: Reporting categories should not be considered the sole indicators for determining the educational needs of students. Furthermore, providing instruction in a specific reporting category may not be justified and may actually be an inefficient use of instructional time. When interpreting student results provided under the performance details for each reporting category, the following cautions and information should be considered:

  • The number of items in a reporting category will vary by grade level. Consequently, users should not compare reporting category scores across grade levels.
  • The difficulty of the items measuring each benchmark will vary from one year to the next. Consequently, users should not compare reporting category scores across years.
  • The items in each assessment reporting category will potentially vary by test form (EOCs only). Consequently, users should not compare reporting category scores across test forms.

Note: As the Text-Based Writing reporting category on the FSA ELA Writing Assessment is also broken out into three writing domain scores, the cautions and information above should be taken into consideration when interpreting these sub-scores provided in the writing performance section.

For more information on reporting categories and Writing domains, please see the Understanding FSA Reports document posted on the Florida Standards Assessments page. To request information for prior years or reports not posted here, contact

Spring 2018

Reporting Category Results

Writing Domain Results

Spring 2018 Scale Score to Percentage Conversion Chart, grades 3–10 FSA ELA and grades 3–8 FSA Mathematics (Excel)

Spring 2017

Reporting Category Results

Spring 2016

Reporting Category Results