Constitution Day & Celebrate Freedom Week

  • United States Public Law (PDF) requires that public educational institutions receiving federal funds teach about the Constitution on September 17 each year.
  • Florida Law requires public school districts to commemorate the founding principles of our nation during the last full week of September.

Constitution Day and Celebrate Freedom Week Resources

Additional Activities and Interactive Resources

  • Online Revolutionary War Game
    While playing this interactive game from PBS, students test their knowledge about the American Revolution, and see if they can navigate their way to independence. Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate
  • The U.S. Constitution Power Grab Game
    This activity linked from the State of California’s online resources focuses on the Constitution and its fundamental ideas: checks and balances, separation of powers, and the Bill of Rights. Grade Levels: Secondary
  • Timeline of the Revolution
    This PBS site has a complete timeline of the conflict between the British and the Colonists. Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate
  • Spy Letters of the American Revolution
    This site, from the University of Michigan includes a set of letters written by spies on both sides of the American Revolution, plus the stories surrounding them. Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate
  • Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government
    The US Government Printing Office provides resources including primary source documents and activities for all grade levels.