Initial Teacher Preparation Programs

Initial Teacher Preparation Programs & Process

Review and approval of initial teacher preparation programs in Florida consists of two parallel systems - one for initial approval and one for continued approval - both of which are governed by State Statute and Rule. The focus of the initial review is "process-oriented," whereas the focus of the continued review is "performance based."

Institutions seeking initial approval of their programs submit curriculum folios describing the design, delivery, content and evaluation of each program for review by teams of peer reviewers from around the state, followed by an on-site review for institutions that do not currently have approved programs. Once initial approval is granted the institution then transitions to the continued program approval standards and process, which includes annual reporting requirements and a site visit every seven years to monitor program outcomes, candidate performance, and continuous improvement.

Initial Teacher Preparation Program Approval Processes

Florida is currently undergoing a review and revision of State Board Rule 6A-5.066, FAC, as a result of significant changes to section 1004.04, Florida Statutes, that governs state-approved teacher preparation programs. Please visit this website frequently for information on new procedures that will be implemented upon the State Board of Education's approval of the rule.

Continued Teacher Preparation Program Approval Processes

Approved Teacher Preparation Programs