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2018-2020 Teacher Recruitment and Retention Dissemination Sub-Grant

Funding Purpose and Priorities

The purpose of the Teacher Recruitment and Retention (TRR) dissemination sub-grants program is to fund up to two high minority, high poverty charter schools that have developed innovative and effective policies, procedures, and practices aimed at recruiting and retaining highly-effective teachers to share best practices in recruiting and retaining highly effective teachers with other charter and non-charter public schools across the State of Florida.

The Department is specifically seeking proposals from eligible charter schools that can provide evidence of past successes with the implementation of programs, practices, methods and/or activities that are focused on identifying, hiring and retaining highly effective teachers. Each charter school that is awarded a TRR dissemination sub-grant will be required to share best practices in recruiting and retaining highly effective teachers with other charter and non-charter public schools across the State of Florida.

Sub-grantees may use up to 15 percent of the award to refine existing policies, procedures, and/or practices for the first three months of the project period prior to disseminating those practices to public schools across the state. If the applicant proposes to use project funds to refine existing policies, procedures, and/or practices, the plan must be clearly described in the narrative sections.

In addition, each awarded dissemination project must set aside enough budget funds from the TRR award for travel to participate Florida Charter School Conference (FCSC). At a minimum, the awarded charter school must cover the travel expenses for a three member team, consisting of one key school administrator (Principal/Director or their designee) and two classroom teachers, to attend each FCSC in Orlando, Florida, that occurs during the project period covered by this TRR award. The sub-grantee will be expected to give, at a minimum, a half-day long workshop during each conference.

Eligible Applicant(s)

The TRR dissemination sub-grants may only be awarded to a tuition-free, public charter school that has been operating in the State of Florida for more than three consecutive academic years. Eligible applicants must: 1) not have received a PCSGP dissemination grant previously, nor can they have a current planning or implementation sub-grant; and 2) have demonstrated overall operational and academic success, including no determination of deteriorating financial condition in its previous two audits. In addition, each eligible applicant must demonstrate:

  1. progress in improving student academic achievement;
  2. high levels of parent satisfaction;
    1. satisfaction surveys, or
    2. pattern of increasing enrollment and/or low rates of student withdrawal; and
    3. the management and leadership necessary to overcome initial start-up problems for this project by maintaining a thriving, financially viable public charter school.

Technical Assistance Webinar

The Charter Schools Office at the Florida Department of Education conducted a technical assistance webinar on Thursday, December 14, 2017. The purpose of the webinar was to provide information related to the technical requirements of the grant and application process.

Technical Assistance Webinar Recording


Frequently Asked Questions

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