Library Media Services

Library Media Services Mission

The mission of the Office of Library Media Services is to support district library media supervisors and other stakeholders; ensuring that school librarians create and maintain quality library programs that foster the love of reading and the effective use of ideas and information by both students and faculty. This mission is accomplished by building programs that:

  • provide intellectual and physical access to materials in a variety of formats
  • provide instruction to advance competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing and using information and ideas
  • involve other educators in designing learning strategies that meet the needs of individual students

ExC3EL - Expectations for Collaboration, Collections, and Connections to Enhance Learning: Florida's K-12 Library Program Evaluation Tool

The ExC3EL Rubric provides a continuum for developing outstanding school library media programs that enhance and support the school's educational agenda. Quality library media programs provide a welcoming, resource-rich environment that supports multiple literacies, cultivates a culture of inquiry and literary appreciation, and encourages the independent, ethical exploration of information and ideas.

Information Literacy: Florida's Library Media Research Model

READS- Florida's K-12 integrated library media reading guidelines

  • Read (as a personal activity)
  • Explore (characteristics, history and awards of creative works)
  • Analyze (structure and aesthetic features of creative works)
  • Develop (a literary-based product)
  • Score (reading progress)

One of the goals of the school library media program is to provide intellectual and physical access to a broad range of literature and informational reading materials for personal pleasure and curriculum support. Library media programs aggressively support reading through a variety of promotional and instructional strategies that are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of learners at each developmental stage. Additionally, the library instructional and promotional activities are collaboratively planned with classroom teachers so that the concepts and skills taught in the classroom are reinforced, enriching the learning experience.

Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program

The Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) is a program co-sponsored by the Office of Library Media and the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME). Started in 1984 this reading motivation program for students in grades 3-8 is designed to entice students to read high interest, contemporary literature for personal enjoyment. The long term goal of the program is to nurture lifelong readers who will continue to read for information needs and personal pleasure.

In 2012 the SSYRA website was relocated to become part of the main FAME website. Please use the link below to access program details and resources:

Additional Resources

Professional Groups

  • FAME - Florida Association of Media Educators - includes information on Florida Teens Read! and Jim Harbin Student Media Festival programs
  • FRA - Florida Reading Association - includes information on the Children's Book Award, a program similar to SSYRA for grades K-2
  • FLA - Florida Library Association
  • ALA - American Library Association
  • AASL - American Association of School Librarians

School Library Award Program

Florida Power-Library Schools (FPLS) and Renewals
Program sponsored by The Florida Association of Supervisors of Media (FASM) and the Florida Department of Education's Library Media Services which recognizes outstanding library media programs in the State of Florida.

Library Science Degrees

A comprehensive listing of universities and colleges that offer degree programs in the field of Library Science can be found at Complete Guide to an Online Library Science Degree.


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