Hospitality & Tourism

The Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster incorporates four pathways. Restaurant and Food/Beverage Services; Lodging; Travel and Tourism; and Recreation, Amusements & Attractions. Hundreds of Hospitality & Tourism educational opportunities in a variety of trades and programs are offered throughout the state in school districts, community colleges and state universities.

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Related Programs

Programs in the Hospitality & Tourism career cluster are related to various disciplines within the Family and Consumer Science field. The following programs are also linked to Family and Consumer Science and can directly lead to or are included in a career path to occupations in that field.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

  • Food Science Safety and Technology (8500395)

Arts, A/V Technology & Communication

  • Careers in Fashion and Interior Design (8209100)
  • Careers in Fashion and Interior Design and Career Planning (8209200)
  • Fabric Construction (8500380)
  • Fashion Technology and Design Services (8506400 / V200400)
  • Interior Decor Fabrication (8521040 / V200505)
  • Interior Decorating Services (PSAV - V200600)
  • Interior Design Services (8506500 / V200500)

Education & Training


  • Personal and Family Finance (8500120)

Health Science

  • Exploration of Health Science Occupations (8400310)
  • Exploration of Health Science Occupations and Career Planning (8400210)

Human Services

  • Family Dynamics (8500345)
  • Family, Home and Consumer Technology (8500365)
  • Parenting Skills (8500300)
  • Personal Development (8500230)
  • Personal Development & Career Planning (8500430)

For additional information about this Career Cluster, contact , State Supervisor for Hospitality & Tourism Education, 850-245-9900.