Military Family Resources

National Links

  • Military OneSource
    Military OneSource provides military families with information and resources that can help improve many areas of their lives, from personal to professional. The site does more than give information – the site helps members take action, with materials that get them thinking and tools that help them set things in motion. This confidential service is available 24/7.
  • Military HOMEFRONT
    Military HOMEFRONT is the official Department of Defense website for reliable Quality of Life information designed to help troops and their families, leaders and service providers. Whether you live the military lifestyle or support those who do, you'll find what you need!
  • Military Child Education Coalition
    The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is working to solve the challenge of helping schools and military installations deliver accurate, timely information to meet transitioning parent and student needs, and in the development and education of children from military families.
  • Military Family Research Institute
    The Military Family Research Institute is a cross-departmental research program housed at Purdue University and funded by the Department of Defense, Office of Military Community and Family Policy. The mission of MFRI is to conduct interdisciplinary, multilevel research that provides insight into the impact of quality of life factors on military members and their families.
  • Military Impacted Schools Association
    The Military Impacted Schools Association is a partnership to guarantee a continuum of quality education for the military child, no matter where the parent is assigned.
  • National Military Family Association
    The National Military Family Association is a national organization dedicated to identifying and resolving issues of concern to military families. Their mission is to serve the families of the seven uniformed services through education, information, and advocacy.
  • School Liaison Officers
    The mission of the School Liaison is to provide military commanders with the support necessary to coordinate and advise military parents of school-aged children on educational issues and needs and to assist in solving education-related problems.
  • USA4 Military Families
    The USA4 Military Families initiative seeks to engage and educate state policymakers, not-for-profit associations, concerned business interests, and other state leaders about the needs of Military members and their families, particularly as those needs intersect with state public policy. Through state/military partnerships, DoD seeks to develop relationships with states, work with them to remove unnecessary barriers, and significantly improve the quality of life for military families.
  • The anticipated re-entry of many service men and women who have served in the military brings its own set of challenges for military families and school communities. In partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Health, the Red Sox Foundation & Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program have developed Toolkits and Posters to Increase Awareness & Support to Military Children. The Toolkits and Posters are available at no cost at