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Textbook Affordability

You Have Options

The rising cost of textbooks in recent years has been a cause for concern for many college students, and the Division of Florida Colleges wants students to be aware of their options when purchasing textbooks. Florida law now requires instructors to post course textbook information prior to the start of each term, giving students the time needed to locate and purchase their books at the lowest price. By utilizing resources such as textbook rental companies and online bookstores, students can significantly defray the cost of their textbooks each semester.

Tips for Students

  • Consider textbook rental.
  • Comparison shop online to find the best price for your textbooks.
  • Use the book ISBN number when searching for textbooks online to ensure that you purchase the correct version of your textbook.
  • Check for student textbook sharing or exchange programs at your college.
  • Sell textbooks at the end of each term that you will not need in the future by utilizing bookstore buyback programs and online resources. Do some research to get the best buyback price.
  • Check your campus or local public library for copies of books and materials.
  • Determine if there is an e-textbook version of your required text, and check the price.
  • Check with your college about textbooks available at the library.
  • Check with your college about programs for students who cannot afford textbooks.
  • Buy used!

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