Elementary Science Webinar- Science Integration Through Literacy

This webinar contains information about a research- validated instructional model that integrates science with literacy called Science IDEAS.

The Science IDEAS model has been funded for a total of 11 years by the National Science Foundation under their IERI initiative, and currently under their DK-K12 initiative.

Dr. Nancy Romance, principal investigator, discusses how Science IDEAS is based on an interdisciplinary foundation that links the learning of science concepts with problem- solving, writing, and having students read more about what it is they are learning. She describes that the major goal of the program is to study how the Model can effectively be implemented to accelerate achievement in reading, writing and science and shares positive results of the study from decades’ worth of research.

The webinar also relates how elements of the Science IDEAS Model links conceptually to the 5E Model of Science instruction. 

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Alicia Foy, Elementary Science Specialist


Dr. Nancy Romance


Elementary Science Webinar- Science Integration Through Literacy (PDF)

Desired Outcomes:

Science Integration Through Literacy will be used by districts and schools in Florida to understand how the Science IDEAS Model of Instruction can aid in supporting student achievement in Science and English Language Arts.

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