Instructional Technology

Tech Chat! Computer Science & Coding

The focus for this February 2018 edition of Tech Chat! is Computer Science and Coding. The guest speaker for this webinar is Dr. Lisa Milenkovic, STEM and Computer Science Specialist for Broward County Public Schools. In her presentation, she provides a definition for computer science and information pertaining to the Florida Computer Science Standards. The #BrowardCodes Initiative for integrating computer science and coding into the curriculum is also featured.

This webpage contains links to the webinar and supporting documents as well as additional resources related to computer science and coding. The Florida Computer Science Standards can be accessed from this page as well.


April Drennan, Instructional Technologist, Florida Department of Education

Desired Outcomes:

  • Understand that computer science is a discipline that involves skills and strategies that go beyond coding.
  • Provide information and examples of how the Florida Computer Science Standards can be integrated into the curriculum across all content areas.


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