Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

Advances in technology have changed the way students live, play, and learn. Now more than ever, Florida educators use their ingenuity to adapt to both the ever-changing technology and the needs of today’s students. In many cases, educators are preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist. This is a formidable challenge; however, by teaching students essential 21st century skills through the merging of effective technology tools and best practices of instruction, transformative teaching is happening in Florida schools.


While the Florida Department of Education does not officially endorse any specific technology standards or models of teaching with technology, the resources provided are made available to assist educators and administrators with the facilitation of technology integration into classrooms, schools, and school districts.


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Standards and Technology Matrices for ELA

The purpose of the matrices below is to match up pertinent technology tools useful in instruction for specific, technology-related ELA standards. All ELA standards are not included. These tools are mentioned as suggestions and not requirements for teaching these or any other standards.

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