Third Grade through Fifth Grade

Third Grade - Fifth Grade

If You Build It, They Will Read!

  • Building a Home Environment that Fosters a Love for Reading
  • Age-Appropriate Ideas for Reading Aloud to Your Child
  • Reading Activities for Your Everyday Routines
  • Practice Makes Perfect

From the Classroom to Your Living Room

  • Encouraging and Extending Reading Skills at Home
  • Hassle-Free Homework
  • Test-Taking Tips

Listening and Speaking

  • Building Language Skills

Reading Like a Pro

  • Basic Skills
  • Reading Fluently: The Right Speed, Accuracy and Expression
  • Building a Strong Vocabulary
  • Connecting Real-World Experiences to What Your Child Is Reading
  • Understanding What Is Read

The Write Stuff

  • Writing Tool Box

Digital Literacy

  • Social Media Literacy
  • Outsmarting the TV and Technology