Educator's Toolkit

Effective July 1, 2019, there will again be a promotion requirement for middle grades students to complete a Career and Education Planning course before entering ninth grade. Seventy-five courses will be available for selection by districts and schools and should be taught integrating the eight career and education planning course standards. The purpose of this webpage is to provide resources to assist course instructors in developing and teaching this course. Some of the approved Middle School Career and Education Planning courses are designated as year-long. In those cases, the classroom teacher can determine which semester to implement the career and education content. The MyCareerShines powered by KuderĀ® career planning system is available free of charge to all Florida middle and high schools to assist students in exploring career options and developing an academic and career plan.

Educators assisting middle school students developing high school course plans should use the most recent list of graduation requirements assigned to the 9th grade. Helpful Academic Advisement Flyers outlining graduation requirements for all cohorts can be found here. See document below for a high school course plan worksheet.

The Educator's Toolkit on Career and Education Planning (provided below) was developed as a resource to assist teachers in planning a comprehensive middle school career course. This Toolkit provides easy access to classroom activities, lesson plans, and related web-based resources. Each module includes a module description, lesson plans with student handouts, recommended websites for additional information, and a glossary for the unit. A crosswalk is provided for handy reference between both the course standards and lesson plans.