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Logo for America's Career Resource Network

America's Career Resource Network funds each state through the Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act (Section 118: Occupational and Employment Information) to carry out activities outlined in the law. The Career Planning Section in the Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, Florida Department of Education, is the state entity that forms Florida's Career Resource Network. The activities include:

  • Promoting improved career and educational decision making by individuals.
  • Making available to students, parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and career specialists information and planning resources that relate educational preparation to career goals.
  • Equipping teachers, administrators, counselors, and career specialists with knowledge and skills needed to assist students and parents with career exploration, educational opportunities, and education financing.
  • Tailoring resources for use by state entities.
  • Improving coordination and communication among planners and administrators of programs.

How Does The Career Planning Section Carry Out These Activities?

  1. Provides a Career Information Delivery System (CIDS) to high schools, post-secondary schools and state agencies. The CIDS currently funded by the Department of Education is the CHOICES career exploration program.
  2. Provides training on Florida CHOICES as well as other career development programs and products.
  3. Conducts Career Resource Network Seminars throughout the state.
  4. Promotes educational products through the Department of Education Products Catalog.
  5. Provides Florida's School Counseling and Guidance Framework as a model for districts to use in developing their guidance plans.
  6. Maintains the Career Planning and Product Distribution toll free phone number (800-342-9271, Florida only) for technical assistance on career related issues, such as Florida CHOICES and to place orders for products listed in the Products Catalog.
  7. Develops career resources.