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 Perkins IV

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2008-2013 Perkins IV State Plan

Part A: State Plan Narrative

Cover Page and Table of Contents (PDF, 57KB)
  1. Planning, Coordination, and Collaboration Prior to Plan Submission (PDF, 81KB)
  2. Program Administration (PDF, 308KB)
  3. Provision of Services for Special Populations (PDF, 69KB)
  4. Accountability and Evaluation (PDF, 587KB)
  5. Tech Prep Programs (PDF, 27KB)
  6. Financial Requirements (PDF, 230KB)
  7. EDGAR Certifications and Other Assurances (PDF, 36KB)

Part B: Budget Forms

Cover Page (PDF, 15KB)
  1. Title I: Career and Technical Assistance to State (PDF, 20KB)
  2. Title II: Tech Prep Programs (PDF, 22KB)

Part C: Accountability Forms

Cover Page (PDF, 15KB)
  1. Student Definitions (PDF, 18KB)
  2. Final Agreed Upon Performance Levels (FAUPL) Form - Secondary Level (PDF, 135KB)
  3. Final Agreed Upon Performance Levels Form - Postsecondary Level (PDF, 113KB)
  4. Final Agreed Upon Performance Levels Form - Postsecondary Adult Level (PDF, 101KB)

Note: The forms for Florida’s Final Agreed Upon Performance Levels (FAUPL) will be updated once FLDOE has reached agreement with USDOE, Office of Vocational and Adult Education for secondary performance indicators (2S1, 3S1, 5S1, 6S1, 6S2 only) and all postsecondary performance indicators. Performance negotiations will take place between April 1 and June, 30, 2008.

Part D: Appendices

  1. Public Hearing Information (PDF, 237KB)
  2. Florida's Program of Study Template (PDF, 122KB)
  3. Local Applications for Secondary & Postsecondary Eligible Recipients (Coming Soon)
  4. Governance Structure for CTE Education (PDF, 36KB)
  5. Role of Postsecondary CTE in the One Stop Career Center (PDF, 24KB)
  6. Procedures for Approval of Industry Certification to be used to Measure Technical Skill Attainment (PDF, 104KB)
    1. UPDATED Appendix F (PDF, 95KB)
  7. Allocations to Local Eligible Recipients (PDF, 315KB)
  8. Postsecondary Parallel Run Demonstration (PDF, 120KB)
  9. Listing of Allocations Made to Consortia (PDF, 65KB)
  10. Guidelines and Operational Procedures to Award Funds (PDF, 170KB)
  11. Certification Regarding Lobbying (PDF, 20KB)
  12. Assurance - Non-Construction Programs (PDF, 48KB)
  13. General Assurances, Terms, and Conditions for Participation (PDF, 134KB)
  14. Combined Secondary and Postsecondary Non-Traditional Program List (PDF, 499KB)
  15. Quality Management System (PDF, 63KB)
  16. Allocations to Rural and Sparsely Populated Eligible Recipients (PDF, 62KB)

Please note this document was organized by the framework developed by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education in the Guide for the Submission of State Plans, OMB Control Number: 1830-0029.

Presentation from the Statewide Public Hearings (PPT, 752KB)
Text version of the presentation from Statewide Public Hearings (PDF, 101KB)

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For more information on Perkins IV Planning, please contact:

Dr. Amy Albee
Phone: (850) 245-0949