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Reauthorization Committee Structure

The Florida Department of Education requested volunteers from career and technical education (CTE) throughout the State to assist with state plan development. There are over 80 volunteer participants representing secondary institutions, career and technical centers and community colleges involved in the planning process that comprise Florida’s Reauthorization Committee.

Steering Committee Chart
Steering Committee
Members: Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Education Chancellor and K-12 Public Schools Chancellor.
Responsibilities: Identify Priorities, Final State Plan approval Planning Committee
Members: Bonnie Marmor, Nancy Cordill, Julie Alexander, Tara Goodman, Gloria Spradley, Gayle Manley, Kathleen Taylor, Andy Anderman, Elsie Rogers and Katerina Koikos
Responsibilities: Support to State Advisory Committee; Recommend goals to Steering Committee State Advisory Committee
Members: Chairs: Bonnie Marmor, Joan Tiller, Margaret Lewis, and Doug Wagner; DOE Staff: Julie Alexander and Katerina Koikos
Responsibilities: Discuss sub-committee recommendations; Implementation recommendations to Steering Committee Incentive/Sanctions Discussion Group:  
	Julie Alexander, Katerina Koikos, and Select Members of sub-committees
	Responsibilities: Discuss Incentives and Sanctions and make recommendations to State Advisory Committee Tech Prep:  
Gayle Manley, Kathleen Taylor and Elizabeth Livings-Eassa Accountability Data:  
Tara Goodman and Practitioner - Mary Bruno Grants:  
Gloria Spradley and Practitioner – Ellizabeth Gombash Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs:  
Nancy Cordill, Andy Anderman and Practitioners - Donna Rivett, Kathy Schmidt and Lynne Voltaggio

For more information on Perkins IV Planning, please contact:

Dr. Amy Albee
Phone: (850) 245-0949