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Farmworker Jobs and Education Program

Farmworker Jobs and Education Program

  Farmworker Jobs and Education Program  

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Mario Zuniga
Senior Educational Program Director
1313 N. Tampa Street, Room 103
Tampa, Florida, 33602

Phone: 813-224-1920
Fax: 813-224-1926

About Us

The Florida Department of Education Farmworker Jobs and Education Program (FJEP) is funded through the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Section 167, by the United States Department of Labor, Division of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Programs. The purpose of the FJEP is to provide workforce training leading to year-round, unsubsidized employment to eligible migrant and seasonal farmworkers and to provide emergency stabilization services such as food, rent, etc. to those who choose to stay in farm work. The program makes available pesticide safety and heat stress prevention training to eligible farmworkers.

It is the intent and vision of the FJEP to provide educational and supportive services to chronically unemployed and underemployed farmworkers to obtain the education needed to prepare to enter or advance in the workforce; prepare their children for success in school; and exercise their rights as citizens in their communities.

Eligible Farmworkers must be disadvantaged, prove a history of farm work, and reside legally in the United States. Most program participants are Florida home-based farmworkers and reside in the state year-round. Florida farmworker and Jobs Education Programs are implemented through sub-recipient agencies located in highly populated farmworker communities. These are non-profit agencies, county governments, state and community colleges, technical centers, and school districts.

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News & Current Events

Florida Jobs and Education Program (FJEP) Annual Staff Development Conference

Announcing our Florida Jobs and Education Program (FJEP) Annual Conference, this will be held in Bradenton, Florida on October 8 - 10, 2014. The training will incorporate relevant presentations and information on "Building Careers- One Farmworker at a Time!".

Conference Information

Adult Migrant Program and Services: Monitoring Policies, Procedures and Protocols

Purpose of Monitoring

The purpose of monitoring is to identify the specific areas in which a provider is in compliance or non-compliance with federal law and regulations, state statutes and rules, and OMB Circulars. The timely identification of non-compliance provides a framework to make changes that are expected to result in programs becoming more efficient and effective. However, a comprehensive and multi-dimensional Quality Assurance System is a foundation for continuous improvement of services and systems both internally and externally. Our commitment to excellence supports accountability, collaboration, targeted technical assistance, continuous improvement and positive systemic change.

Risk-Based Monitoring

Risk assessment is a process used to evaluate variables associated with workforce education grants and assign a rating for the level of risk to the Florida Department of Education and the Division of Career and Adult Education associated with each provider. The risk assessment is conducted by the Quality Assurance Team to determine the monitoring strategy appropriate for each provider. A range of monitoring strategies includes conference calls, improvement plans, full or partial self-assessment, grant reviews, etc., with the more comprehensive strategy such as an onsite visit, designated for providers deemed to be at higher risk.


Protocols have been developed for Farmworker Jobs and Education Program and their fiscal components. The protocols include interview questions aligned with the regulatory requirements; forms and checklists to be used for the on-site visits and other monitoring strategies are included; additional documents addressing the individual processes have also been developed.

Special Projects

As deemed necessary by the Chancellor or Bureau Chief, special projects are completed that address areas of compliance including special investigations of specific grant awards. Collaboration and cooperation with Grants Management, the Inspector General's office, the Comptroller's office and others, as appropriate, is fundamental to the success of the Quality Assurance System.



Glossary of Terms

CARDS Cash Advance and Reporting of Disbursements System
DOL Department of Labor
FDOE Florida Department of Education
FJEP Florida Jobs and Education Program
IEP Individual Employment Plan
LAC Local Advisory Council
LEA Local Education Agencies
NFJP National Farmworkers Jobs and Education Program
OMB Office of Management and Budget
RFA Request for Application
RFP Request for Proposal
RWDB Regional Workforce Development Board
WIA Workforce Investment Act