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  2001-2002 Funding Opportunities (Archive)

August 28, 2001


TO: District Superintendents
Community College Presidents

FROM: William B. Proctor

SUBJECT: Business Management and Tourism Program Grant, 2001-2002

The 2001 Legislature provided funding for a new program in business management with an emphasis in tourism and hospitality. The Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement has been charged with evaluating proposals for this new program. The new program must include the following elements to be eligible for funding: 1) Students will design, develop, operate, and manage a tourism-related business, which will encompass lodging, food service, and concierge service; 2) Students will utilize Internet technology in marketing and coordinating activities between various hospitality/tourism sectors.

Each school district or community college may submit one proposal for review and consideration for funding, including proposals jointly submitted with other community colleges or school districts. Individual grant awards are limited to a maximum of $400,000.

Please review the enclosed application materials:

  • Request for Proposal
  • Project Application
  • Project Application Summary (DOE 100A)
  • Budget Recap and Description Form (DOE 103)

The Council reserves the right to request additional support documentation to clarify a proposal. The final proposals are due in the Bureau of Grants Management by 5:00 p.m., September 26, 2001. Proposals received after the submission deadline and those failing to comply with instructions will not be considered for funding.

Should you have any questions regarding the grants or proposals, contact Tara Goodman at 850-488-7894; SUNCOM 278-7894; .


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