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  2001-2002 Funding Opportunities (Archive)

2001 Legislative Update

The 2001 Legislature took some very interesting twists and turns. The Legislature did work on some significant "big picture" issues such as, election reform, reorganization of the Department of Education, nursing home reform, the high-speed rail train, and several other issues. As the dust settles, however, it appears that very little has changed with regard to specific laws that impact career and technical or adult education.

The Career Preparation bill (Millennium High Schools) was attached to several different bills that passed the Senate, but were never passed by the House. Neither of the financial aid bills that we were tracking passed. This means that there is no change to Gold Seal. One change to Bright Futures that relates to CLEP exams ended up in SB 1162.

The Department of Education is working on compiling its Legislative Review document. In the meantime, the following list will be updated if we determine additional bills that we think may be of interest to you. To check the status of these bills and to see action by the Governor, you can check the following website.

Bills That Passed Both the House and Senate
HB 1935 2002 Legislative Dates/Starts January 22, 2002
SB 1162 Educational Governance/Bright Futures Testing Program/Prepaid Tuition Program/School Readiness
HB 267 School Safety/Juvenile Justice/Violent Offenders
HB 269 Sharpening the Pencil/Charter Schools
HB 1545 Dollars to the Classroom Act of 2001
HB 409 High School Grading System
HB 1193 School District Personnel/Certification/Instructional Personnel Retirement
Career and Technical Program Impact
SB 1256 Nursing
SB 784 Consumer Protection Revisions/Provides an exemption for technical center automotive programs
School District and Community College Employees and Retirement
HB 409 Educator Professional Liability Insurance
SB 638 School District Employees Sick Leave
SB 708 School District Employees Sick Leave
HB 1821 Florida Retirement System
SB 1684 Transition to Teaching Program
Welfare Reform
SB 350 Individual Development Accounts
SB 1672 Passport to Economic Progress
HB 277 Learnfare
SB 336 Statewide Unified Building Code
Disability Information
HB 1519 Clearinghouse on Disability Information
SB 1180 Scholarships for Disabled Students (K-12)

Updated May 8, 2001