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Educator's Toolkit on Career & Education Planning


  Educator's Toolkit on Career & Education Planning  

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Job Search - Overview

This module is designed to give awareness on how to prepare for a job search by completing a job application and practicing a job interview. Preparing a résumé may be introduced to give students an awareness of the purpose of a résumé and how to organize and format information for the résumé.

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  • Body Language - gestures, posture, and eye contact used to express yourself.
  • Job Application – a form that asks questions about a job seeker’s skills, work experience, and education.
  • Job Interview –formal meeting about a possible job between job seeker and employer.
  • Résumé – A summary of a job seeker’s personal information that includes career objective, education, skills, work experience, recognitions, etc.
  • Personality traits - the qualities and characteristics that shape a person's unique character and identity.
  • Glossary in PDF format (PDF, 10KB)