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Dan Weisberg

Dan Weisberg, is the Vice President of Policy & General Counsel, and leads The New Teacher Project's initiatives to align district, state and federal policies to the goal of providing quality teachers for poor and minority students. Prior to joining TNTP, Daniel served as Chief Executive of Labor Policy and Implementation for the New York City Department of Education. In this role, he led negotiations between the Department and the United Federation of Teachers that resulted in a series of groundbreaking reforms, including the city's highly-regarded "mutual consent" system, which gives teachers and schools the primary voice in school staffing. His distinguished record of policy achievements, including more rigorous tenure standards and principal and teacher bonus programs, has established him as a national leader on improving educational equality. Daniel brings to TNTP nearly 20 years of experience in labor and employment law. Before working for the New York City schools, he was a Partner in the New York office of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison. Over the past two decades, he has been involved in several different programs mentoring and tutoring inner-city middle and high school students.