Rule Development For Educator Preparation

Rule Development for Educator Preparation

Rule Development for Educator Preparation

Actions are being considered for the following rule, granted by enabling statutes, to implement or interpret specific Educator Preparation Programs' provisions. We encourage stakeholders to provide written comments and recommendations for consideration throughout the rule development process.

We welcome your comments regarding the revisions to Rule 6A-5.066 Approval of Educator Preparation Programs. Please select to submit comments.

Information for requesting a rule development public workshop and to submit public comment on this and other rules, and for requests for meetings, workshops and public hearings on all State Board of Education rules, are available at State Board Rules Under Review or visit the Florida Administrative Register for the department's official notices of rulemaking.

Resources for Rule Development

The following are Rule Development Workshop recordings and meeting materials for Rule 6A-5.066, FAC, Approval of Teacher Preparation Programs.