Resources & Technical Assistance

Resources and technical assistance tools to support development and implementation of evaluation systems are posted in this section.


The following resources support development and effective implementation of District Performance Appraisal Systems:

Common Language of Instruction: A statewide system of public education supported by systemic professional learning and evaluation system feedback requires effective use of a common language of instruction. Resources in this section assist LEAs in participating in the development and use of a common language of instruction for Florida educators.

Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs)

Florida Principal Leadership Standards (FPLS)

Research Frameworks and Research Sources: Contemporary research on effective instructional and school leadership practices that impact student learning are an essential element in Florida's evaluation processes. These resources assist districts in applying contemporary research within their district model:

Training Issues

Technical Assistance

The following resources support fidelity of implementation of District Performance Evaluation Systems.

Calendars/Schedules of Technical Assistance (TA)

This section provides information on scheduled technical assistance (TA) to districts.

Communities of Practice Technical Assistance

  • March 1, 2012 - Learning Goals and What They Mean for Evaluation and Professional Development Materials and Video

High Effect Size Strategies

Online Learning: Evaluation and Professional Development Alignment

Sources for sharing online professional learning on strategies embedded in state model evaluation systems and/or revealed by contemporary research on educational practice as impacting student learning and/or faculty/leadership development:

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