Subject Area Examinations

Certification Subject Area Examinations That May Be Used to Qualify for a Temporary Certificate or Addition to a Certificate

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Note: Only passing exam scores for bachelor's degree subject coverages earned after July 1, 2002, are acceptable.

Certification Subject Area Florida Subject Area Test that Must Be Passed
Agriculture (6-12) Agriculture (6-12)
Art (K-12) Art (K-12)
Biology (6-12) Biology (6-12)
Business Education (6-12) Business Education (6-12)
Chemistry (6-12) Chemistry (6-12)
Computer Science (K-12) Computer Science (K-12)
Drama (6-12) Drama (6-12)
Earth-Space Science (6-12) Earth-Space Science (6-12)
Educational Media Specialist (PK-12) Educational Media Specialist (PK-12)
Elementary Education (K-6) Elementary Education (K-6)
English (5-9) Middle Grades English (5-9)
English (6-12) English (6-12)
English to Speakers of Other Languages (K-12) English to Speakers of Other Languages (K-12)
Exceptional Student Education (K-12) Exceptional Student Education (K-12)
Family and Consumer Science (6-12) Family and Consumer Science (6-12)
Foreign Language: French (K-12) French (K-12)
Foreign Language: German (K-12) German (K-12)
Foreign Language: Latin (K-12) Latin (K-12)
Foreign Language: Spanish (K-12) Spanish (K-12)
General Science (5-9) Middle Grades General Science (5-9)
Health (K-12) Health (K-12)
Hearing Impaired (K-12) Hearing Impaired (K-12)
Humanities (K-12) Humanities (K-12)
Technology Education (6-12) Technology Education (6-12)
Journalism (6-12) Journalism (6-12)
Marketing (6-12) Marketing (6-12)
Mathematics (5-9) Middle Grades Mathematics (5-9)
Mathematics(6-12) Mathematics (6-12)
Music (K-12) Music (K-12)
Physical Education (K-12) Physical Education (K-12)
Physics (6-12) Physics (6-12)
Prekindergarten/Primary Education (Age 3-Gr 3) Prekindergarten/Primary Education (Age 3-Gr 3)
Preschool Education (Birth - Age 4) Preschool Education (Birth Age 4)
Social Science (5-9) Middle Grades Social Science (5-9)
Social Science (6-12) Social Science (6-12)
Speech(6-12) Speech (6-12)
Visually Impaired (K-12) Visually Impaired (K-12)

Certification Subject Area Examinations Required In Addition to a Master's Degree and Content Specialization for Addition to a Certificate

Certification Subject Area Florida Subject Area Test that Must Be Passed
Educational Leadership (All Levels) Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE)
Guidance and Counseling (PK-12) Guidance and Counseling (PK-12)
Reading (K-12) Reading (K-12)
School Psychologist (PK-12) School Psychologist (PK-12)
Speech-Language Impaired (K-12) Speech-Language Impaired (K-12

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