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America’s Young Heroes Contest Winners Announced

Twenty-six students from nine different Florida schools have been named winners in the America’s Young Heroes contest to promote respect and prevent bullying. Students submitted short stories, poetry, computer graphics, music, film and hand drawn art to demonstrate practical, creative solutions to help prevent bullying and promote respect for self and others.

Below are the winners of the 2011 America’s Young Heroes Contest to promote respect and prevent bullying:

Essay/Short Story/Journal Category

  • First Place: Skylor Sinclair, Grade 11, Brevard County, “First Period Algebra Class”
  • Second Place: YasmineEzzair, Grade 8, Polk County , “Speak Out”
  • Third Place: Nanee Khounphixay, Grade 8, Polk County, “My name is Macy. I’m being Bullied,”

Poetry Category

  • First Place: Hannah Figueras, Grade 7, Manatee County “The Bully Reformer”
  • Second Place: Allison Falco, Grade 8, St. Lucie County, “The Truth Will Come Out”
  • Third Place: Lorelei Marie Domke, Grade 8 and Amber Raie Howard, Grade 7, St. Lucie County, “The Poem of a Wimpy Kid”

Play Category

  • First Place: Bayard Abellard, Miranda Clyde and Dylan Wallace, Grade 8, St. Lucie County, “Bullying: A Life of Crime”
  • Second Place: Taylor Martin, Will Garand and Brianna Wright, Grade 8, St. Lucie County, “Bullied Until the End”

Computer Graphics Art Category

  • First Place: Nelson Duke, Palm Beach County
  • Second Place: Rodney Plancher, Palm Beach County
  • Third Place: Alfred Brown and Brianna Coulton, Grade 6, Palm Beach County

Hand Drawn Art Category

  • First Place: Daniela Torres, Grade 7, Hillsborough County and Albert Fayen, St. Lucie County
  • Second Place: Kevin Conolly, St. Lucie County

Film Category

  • First Place: (Cinematic Film) Joel Oviedo and Samantha Jacobbe, Grade 8, Palm Beach County, “Be A Friend” public service announcement
  • Second Place: (Cinematic film) Carla Flores, Grade 7 and Nicole Donechie, Grade 8, Palm Beach County, “Meet Me by the Communications Water Fountain by 2:45 or Else,”
  • Third Place: (Documentary) Jacob Mooallem and Ryan Kosches, Grade 7, Palm Beach County, “Always Say No to Bullying” public service announcement

Music Category

  • First Place: Andrea Casanova, Osceola County, “It is Now”