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Southwest Elementary Adopts Marine Unit

Approximately 100 Marines stationed in Iraq have been adopted by students at Lakelandís Southwest Elementary. Students have been given soldiersí names and will be corresponding regularly over the coming months. The students will also be sending care packages and inspirational pieces of artwork they created. A personal connection between Southwest fourth grade teacher Katie Gill, organizer of the project, and a Marine majorís wife connected the school to Bravo Company 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion that is providing dam security in Iraq and the Euphrates River Valley.

One Marine, recuperating from injuries sustained in October and currently at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland, will also receive correspondence from the students.

Students prepared holiday messages and gift packages for the Marines for Christmas.

This project uses the studentsí writing and technology skills and integrates the subject of geography and current events. Last year, the school used a Florida Learn and Serve grant for a similar project for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.