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Students Achieve Perfect FCAT Scores

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) proved to be no challenge for five students in Marion County Public Schools. Each earned highest-possible scores on two sections or a new portion of the test:

  • Philip "Heath" Smith is a fourth grader at Eighth Street Elementary. He earned the highest score possible in both Reading and Math.
  • Kayla Delgrego is a fourth grader at Maplewood Elementary. She also earned the highest score possible in both Reading and Math.
  • Brynn Donnelly attends Vanguard High, where she earned highest scores possible in both Reading and Math — the only high school student in the district to do so.

Two other students earned perfect scores on their respective tests:

  • Nicholas Wheeler attends Vanguard High now, but in eighth grade earlier this year at Howard Middle, he earned the county's only perfect FCAT Science score.
  • Jamie Saltkill, a junior at Vanguard High, earned perfect scores on the essay and multiple choice portions of this year's Writing+ test, the district's only student to do so.

A perfect score on the Reading, Math, and Science sections is 500 for each part while writing is 6. District-wide, 227 other students attained perfect scores on one section of the FCAT.

The FCAT is a statewide assessment given every year to determine the mastery of students' skills in math, reading, science, and writing. Students in grades 3-11 take some portion(s) of the test.