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English Estates Students Fast ForWord®
to Higher Student Achievement

A coach listens and encourages

With an enthusiastic staff, hardworking students, and dedicated parents, English Estates Elementary School in Seminole County improved its school grade from a D in 1999 to an A in 2003. To do this, the school used a comprehensive approach, and technology was one of the many tools used to accomplish this improvement. Today the integration of technology is evident throughout English Estates. Whether it's the creative student-produced school news, the Fast ForWord lab, or the classroom, students are surrounded by innovative uses of technology.

A coach discusses scores

Notably, English Estates is one of 14 Fast ForWord Program model schools in the nation, the only one in Florida. The Fast ForWord family of products use neuroscience principles to create an optimal learning environment that enables students to simultaneously develop multiple skill sets to maximize learning, identify reading and language difficulties, and attack the underlying causes of these difficulties.

A watchful coach and an intent student

Students that participate in the program, approximately 150 per year at English Estates, have demonstrated improvement in a variety of ways, both in and out of the classroom. Teachers notice improved academic performance and engagement in lessons, and parents repeatedly mention that their children are now reading more books and have improved self-confidence.

In a letter to the principal, one parent shared her satisfaction. Her child, who has auditory and visual processing problems, previously read below grade level and found reading near impossible. After participating in the Fast ForWord Program her son is now reading at grade level. She was pleased to share that now instead of whining about having to read, she hears "I love to read" from her child. She is thankful for Fast ForWord, which she believes "has taken the 'im' away from impossible" for her son.

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