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Determination Plus Hard Work Equals Success
in the Governor's Office

Carolyn King

Carolyn King is currently attending Tallahassee Community College (TCC) while working as an Administrative Assistant in Governor Bush's External Affairs Office. Carolyn dropped out of school at age 16, assuming at that time that she had completed enough education to get by in life.

Carolyn married at age 18, moved to Alaska with her husband, and had two sons. Three years later, she was divorced and a single parent, living with her mother in St. Petersburg, Florida. Within a few months, Carolyn's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She passed away one year later, leaving Carolyn grieving and struggling. Eventually, Carolyn found a man she cared for deeply, and they had a daughter together. But that relationship, too, would not survive. As the single parent of three children, Carolyn faced poverty, an addiction, and depression that nearly destroyed her life.

Throughout Carolyn's difficult phases, she continued to hope that she would one day be able to return to school to finish her education. In 1998, Carolyn asked God to help her change her life. The next year, she was offered a job in the Governor's External Affairs Office, and she moved to Tallahassee. She heard about the Adult Education Program at TCC, and she enrolled in G.E.D. classes in November 2000. Although she did not realize her own potential, the dedicated staff members pushed Carolyn to reach for her goals, and she did.

After being out of school for almost 20 years, Carolyn earned her G.E.D. in December 2001. She is now a degree-seeking student at TCC. She has given back to her community by volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend, the Governor's Front Porch Initiative, the Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program, and her church's tutoring program.

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