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SCC Leadership Challenge Team Featured
on Florida Leader Magazine Cover

Michael Yanes

For the first time in college history, the Seminole Community College (SCC) Leadership Challenge Team was featured on the cover of a statewide education magazine, Florida Leader. The eight-member team, which appears on the cover of the September issue, celebrates diversity and uses it as a way to teach and improve their classmates' communication and leadership skills.

Instead of treating their diverse personalities, strengths, and weaknesses as an obstacle, the team uses the knowledge they acquire about their differences as a tool.† Input from team members with so many different perspectives allows the team to tailor the leadership teaching strategies they use toward each particular groupís needs, thus reaching all participants more effectively.† They are also able to address adversity efficiently and peacefully.† "All of us deal with adversity differently," said Team Member Rick Webster. "But then we all discuss the ways we deal with it so that we can learn from each other."

The SCC Leadership Challenge Team makes leadership presentations and conducts team and leadership building activities that help other students achieve success.

Every year, hundreds of students participate in a rigorous application process to become one of the members of the student-run Leadership Challenge Team. Under the guidance of their mentors Randy Pawlowski, director of student life, and Mauricio Garcia, coordinator of student activities, those selected work year-round to promote the Leadership Institutes.

"This program has changed my life completely," said Leslie Brown, another team member. "After I joined the team, my participation in the classroom improved ten-fold. In general, I learned how to use my life experiences to better the lives of myself and others."

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