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Wall Street Journal names New College of Florida as a top "feeder school"

Students enjoy a view of the Gulf of Mexico from the seaside campus of New College of Florida (Sarasota).

Which colleges send the most students to elite grad schools like Yale Med or Wharton? That's the question asked and answered by the Wall Street Journal in a Weekend Journal cover story in its September 26 edition.

And after all the number crunching, the WSJ found that New College of Florida, the state honors college, produces one of the nation's highest per capita percentages of sending graduates to the country's premiere law, business and medical schools.

New College was ranked 31 in the Journal's list of the top 50 "feeder schools" and second in the country among the top 30 public colleges. The smallest school on the list, New College was also noted for its use of narrative evaluations of student work instead of traditional letter grades.

New College was not alone among State University System institutions ranked by the Wall Street Journal. Florida A&M University was 11th among public colleges, and the University of Florida was ranked 26th.

"Our goal is to produce self-reliant, independent, lifetime learners," said New College President Gordon Michalson. "And with 14 of our graduates receiving Fulbright scholarships in the last 11 years, and our success in getting students into the top professional schools, our use of narrative evaluations instead of letter grades has clearly not hurt us but is, indeed, one of our cardinal strengths. Just ask our students."

Wall Street Journal’s
Top 30 State Feeder Schools

University of Michigan
New College of Florida
University of Virginia
University of Calif., Berkeley
Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles
Georgia Institute of Technology
College of William & Mary
Stony Brook (SUNY)
Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Texas, Austin
Florida A&M University
University of Illinois, (Urbana)
Concord College
Indiana University
University of Wisconsin
University of Calif., San Diego
University of Calif., Irvine
University of Vermont
University of Calif., Davis
Rutgers University
University of Washington
Miami University
University of Maryland
University of Oklahoma
University of Utah
University of Florida
University Of Md., Eastern Shore
Purdue University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Louisville