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Dedicated Teachers at Miami Edison Senior
Make a Difference

Nancy Cardenales
Ms. Nancy Cardenales,
courtesy of Miami
Edison Senior High School

Ms. Nancy Cardenales describes herself as a "visual" teacher. Her classroom is elegantly adorned with history posters and visual aids that make being in her class a pleasant experience. This is her first year in a regular classroom, having spent most of her teaching career as a disciplinary specialist. She is no stranger to overcoming a challenge, something that will prove to be a valuable resource in her current position.

Ms. Cardenales is a teacher at Miami Edison Senior High School in Miami's Little Haiti. The school received its second consecutive and third overall "F" in 2003. While some would shrink away from the task at hand, Ms. Cardenales and first year Principal Theron Clark are changing the way students and parents approach learning at Miami Edison. "I like to make sure I know all of my students," says Cardenales. "Once I know the needs of each student, I can create my lessons. Then I can apply the FCAT reading tools they need."

Her one-on-one approach has struck a chord with students. On a recent visit to the school, K-12 Public Schools Chancellor Jim Warford was very pleased with the level of instruction in her classroom, as well as the participation of the students. "You only get 180 days in the classroom — she's off to a good start," said Warford.

The positive learning environment Ms. Cardenales has created in her classroom is certainly a big step in the right direction for Miami Edison. "You can tell they really care about us," said one student. "I'm more than a face in a crowd."

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