Vandalism (VAN) - Level III


The intentional destruction, damage, or defacement of public or private/personal property without consent of the owner or the person having custody or control of it.


  • Student or other defacing school with graffiti.
  • Student or other keying or scratching a car in a campus parking lot.
  • Student or other trashing a classroom resulting in damages of $1,000 dollars or more.
  • Student(s) damaging a hotel room ($1,000 or more) on a school-sponsored trip.


  • Student or other accidentally damaging chemistry lab equipment.
  • Student or other causing damages under $1,000.

Additional Guidelines

The amount of damage must be $1,000 or more to be reported in SESIR, including time and labor.

It is important for schools to document lower-level vandalism incidents on their local student discipline referral form.


Why is it important to have local codes for vandalism that do not meet the SESIR threshold/definition?

  • If the district does not have local codes for lower-level incidents that do not meet the SESIR threshold for vandalism, such incidents will be coded as SESIR incidents and the district will be over-reporting in these areas.


  • 806.13 Criminal mischief*
  • *Per 1006.13, Florida Statutes, "Zero-tolerance policies do not require the reporting of petty acts of misconduct and misdemeanors to a law enforcement agency, including, but not limited to, disorderly conduct, disrupting a school function, simple assault or battery, affray, theft of less than $300, trespassing, and vandalism of less than $1,000." [1006.13(4)(c)]


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