Breaking And Entering

Breaking and Entering/Burglary (BRK) - Level II


The unlawful entry with force, or unauthorized presence in a building or other structure or conveyance with evidence of the intent to damage or remove property or harm a person(s).


  • Student or other breaking and entering into:
    • a school building during athletic events,
    • a school bus, or
    • a residential garage that is being used for a school-sponsored event.
  • Student or other willfully remaining within a building after it has been secured and committing a crime, such as vandalism or theft.


  • Student or other entering an unlocked gym, without permission, and using the basketball court.
  • Student or other wandering the halls, after hours, after entering through an unlocked door.

Additional Guidelines

Note: Breaking and Entering is a "Violent Incident if it Results in Bodily Injury" and must be reported in the related element "Injury-Related."

If entry was by force, resulting in facility damage, the incident should be coded as Breaking and Entering/Burglary.



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