• California School Garden Network
    The California School Garden Network sprouted with the goal of facilitating the connection between resource organizations and educators by combining efforts to strengthen contributions and avoid duplications

  • Charleston Area Children's Garden Project
    The Charleston Area Children's Garden Project works to provide children with a community-based outdoor learning experience. Most gardens are planted in neighborhoods where problems such as crime, poor health, or financial hardship are part of everyday life.

  • Damayan Garden Project
    Damayan is a small non-profit made up of gardeners, educators, and entrepreneurs in Tallahassee, Florida. Damayan currently has three different garden programs: family gardens, edible schoolyards, and community gardens.

  • Edible Schoolyard
    A one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom for urban public school students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California. At ESY, students participate in all aspects of growing, harvesting, and preparing nutritious, seasonal produce

  • Elementary School Gardens
    This website from the University of California Cooperative provides pictures from success stories in California elementary schools, and has links for activities and lesson plans.

  • Florida Agriculture in the Classroom
    A non-profit organization that develops and trains teachers and agriculture industry volunteers in its agricultural curricula and materials, which they in turn use to educate students about the importance of agriculture

  • Florida Department of Education’s Food and Nutrition Resource Center
    The Food and Nutrition Resource Center offers a lending library service with over a thousand titles of materials suitable for classroom or training purposes. The loan period is four weeks and materials are sent via the US Postal Service. Return postage is FREE.

  • Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association
    Provides an interactive map representing the different chapters in Florida. Click on a region, and access information such as president, members, news, and contact information for the chapter.

  • Florida School Garden Competition
    The School Garden Competition is designed to encourage the use of school gardens in elementary schools throughout Florida. The competition invites Florida elementary schools to highlight their school garden programs

  • GardenABCS
    A forum for parents, educators, and community members seeking guidance, resources, fundraising, networking and teaching support to start and maintain school gardens

  • GrowingGreat
    A non-profit garden and nutrition education organization dedicated to inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits through classroom nutrition lessons, school gardens and community events

    This website, run by the National Gardening Association, is a comprehensive guide to how starting a school garden. It includes everything from information on grants to lesson-plan suggestions

  • Nutrition in the Garden
    This web page explores a fun way to teach children about nutrition: through gardening

  • School Garden Weekly
    A weekly publication that includes instructional activities for school gardens

  • School Garden Wizard
    Designed to help schools start a garden or expand an existing program. The website includes helpful advice on creating support for your program, teaching guides and practical gardening advice

  • Schoolyard Habitats
    The National Wildlife Federation’s school garden page has a wealth of multimedia materials about the importance and procedure of incorporating horticulture into childhood education

  • Serenta Flowers
    This website includes interactive lessons for kids on botany, gardening, horticulture, and hydroponics.

  • Sprouting Money with School Gardens
    Ideas on how to raise money for your school garden

  • Tampa Bay School Gardening Network
    The purpose of this website is to increase awareness of how organic vegetable gardening can facilitate learning in local schools and in the greater Tampa Bay community.

  • The ABC’s of School Gardens
    This resource details the process of creating a garden including how to get organized, ideas for gathering support, suggestions for starting work in the garden and tips on maintaining your garden

  • University of Florida’s Master Gardener Program
    The Florida Master Gardener Program is a volunteer-driven program that relies on dedicated volunteers who have an interest in gardening and in giving back to their communities.