Food Service Professionals

  • Is your school garden partnering with school food service? If so, briefly describe and email . Success stories will be posted on the website.

Farm to School

  • Chef to School (PDF) A training developed by Georgia Organics and the Mendez Foundation’s Seeds of Nutrition Program designed to link chefs to the taste testing and cooking process. Great information on kitchen safety, connection to curriculum, and recipes.
  • Eat Smart—Farm Fresh! A Guide to Buying and Serving Locally-Grown Produce in School Meals Handbook for school food service personnel focusing on procurement, types and examples of farm-to-school distribution models, how to find locally-grown food and farmers, menu planning considerations, and strategies for success.
  • Farm to School Field Guide: For Parents and Community Members (PDF) Farm to School Programs connect farms with school cafeterias and classrooms. These programs can include everything from farm field trips to nutrition education in the school garden to farm-fresh salad bars.

How-to Guides

  • Food for Thought: Making the Connection Comprised of four “Smart Strategies” based on MyPyramid for Kids to help cafeteria staff and teachers extend the Food for Thought curriculum to the cafeteria and home. The strategies promote healthy decision-making in a positive, fun and memorable way. Each strategy includes staff resources, student handouts (Cafeteria Connections) and family handouts (Fit Foundations).
  • Learning Café (PDF) The school cafeteria is a “learning laboratory.” The cafeteria-related activities and ideas in this guide were developed for the cafeteria manager to conduct alone or to team with a teacher to enhance concepts taught in class.
  • The Massachusetts Farm to School Cookbook (PDF) This book is designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to turn out tasty dishes, using local farm-fresh produce that kids will really eat.
  • My Garden School Meals Resource (PDF) The MyGarden™ School Meals Resource is designed to teach school nutrition professionals how to link their school meal program with the school garden.


Garden Resources for the Food Service Professional